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Addressing ideas of ethnicity and identity, Port Yarin serves as a visual documentation of a fictional town, a home to the wandering souls of the racially ambiguous, third culture kids of the world. In and around the collated cityscapes and landscapes are the subjects, swathed in the glow of dusk and neon lights, haunted by a sense of foreboding; in many ways reflecting the feeling of unrest faced by minority groups in the political world today. Port Yarin is about embracing the melting pot of influences that form our construct of ethnicity, forging a new future identity.

Designed by Helios Capdevila
Words by Greg De Roeck & Ying Ang
64 pages, 210 x 240 mm closed. 150 gsm paper, 300 gsm cover.
First edition, 500 print run.
ISBN: 978-1-5272-0291-7

--- euro 22.00