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Dear Fellow Travelers,

we would like to thank you for your kind feedback on our anniversary Issue 10 earlier this Summer, and we were humbled that the issue was selected as the winner of the prestigious German Design Award 2017. So finally, to conclude our 5th anniversary celebrations this year, we’re excited to share with you this very special new release.

For the first time ever we feature an all female cast of outstanding representors of various cultural fields. We follow the exceptionally imaginative fashion designer Simone Rocha on a road trip to Ireland; we meet the legendary French architect Odile Decq for a studio visit, where she discusses the cultural differences in approaching building projects in varying countries; we speak with this year’s Turner Prize nominated artist Helen Marten, about how a childhood passion for collecting souvenirs might have an influence on her work; and we discuss the upsides and downsides of style appropriation with the intrepid promoter, boutique owner and famed dj Venus X. Our two covers this time around are graced by the celebrated model and songwriter Kacy Hill, who stars in a vibrant fashion editorial shot by Jenny Hueston in LA; and lastly by the queen of Cannes herself, the actrice extraordinaire Isabelle Huppert, who allows us a glimpse into her unique and relentless work process and explains some cultural differences in French and American film direction.

More then ever, we are determined to push our cultural exploration through the means of physical travel and metaphysical expeditions even further. 2017 will mark a next step on our journey with TTA, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

The Editors

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