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Typo 9010 unites an encyclopaedic collection of Czech digitized typefaces starting from 1990, a time when computers were starting to replace phototypesetting and copying letters by hand, and ending with 2010, when almost a dozen small type foundries were operating in the country. The book captures the most important moments at the oldest Czech type design studio (at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) and recapitulates the most important milestones in the industry. Short texts by Czech and international typographers describing the atmosphere of the times are distributed throughout the book, which aims to present Czech type design and its digital beginnings in as much detail as possible while placing it into an international context.
Over the past twenty years Czech type designers have created a number of widely popular typefaces – plus tonnes of designs that got lost, have remained tucked away in desk drawers or have been stored in a long-forgotten format on a few floppy disks. We tried to track down as many as we could. If needed, we renovated the original digital files and created useable font files from them. Then we arranged this collection of typefaces into a book that acts as a sort of typeface specimen. Many of these typefaces hold their own unique stories, and you will learn about several of them in the accompanying texts.

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