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We're proud to present to you guys, a new addition to our independent magazine offerings, the brilliant self published Very Nearly Almost Magazine out of London Town. For those who don't know, VNA is a 164 page, quarterly published magazine documenting street art and street art culture in the UK, and round the world. Originally a hand made black and white zine of photographs, VNA is now in its 34th issue and has developed into the leading printed documentation of graffiti and street art in the UK. With national, european and international distribution, VNA brings the UK street style to readers across the world. We're proud to add them to our offerings! 

We'll let the VNA guys explain what issue 34 is all about. 

"It's here! Finally today we release VNA issue 34 featuring none other than Martha Cooper as the cover artist with an incredible image of Keith Haring on the cover. Inside this issue we have features with Invader , Fafi , Seen , James Jean , Usugrow , Urban Nation , Todd Francis, Dave White , Ghostpatrol , Selina Miles , Kai and Sunny and more…" 

All our magazines are posted in protective cardboard packaging so the magazine arrives to you in perfect condition like you've just picked it up off a newsagent's shelf!

--- euro 13.30