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“Adventice" is a platform for multidisciplinary dialogues between different research fields including science, design, journalism, art and literature. This special issue was produced at the residence Hors Pistes in Banfora, in 2014 in Burkina Faso. The book is the result of one year's research carried out by the five authors from Africa and Europe, as well as photographic work. This publication highlights the rich architecture, crafts and the socio-economic and political contexts of the region. It also presents the collaboration between designers and artisans who participated in the residence.
Texts: Marc Coulibaly, Raoul Cyriaque, Pr Babacar Mbaye Diop, Marie-Cécile Frieden & Kientéga Pingdewinde Gérard
Graphic design and layout: Florine Bonaventure
Photography: Émile Barret, Florine Bonaventure & Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
    116 pgs, 31 × 23 cm, Softcover, 2016,
--- euro 27.90