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Adventice Editions is a multidisciplinary editorial project, which releases annually the eponymous publication “Adventice”. In parallel, AE leeds curatorial projects and organizes various events aiming to create a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue between diverse fields of research (Architecture, Science, Photography, Art, Literature, Design, Journalism, etc.).
“Adventice” is a publication of observations, analysis and visual essays. Each issue proposes research by various contributors, who work on bringing to the foreground mundane and commonplace subjects, giving a singular look into a given topic. The publication focuses on the encounter of specific and precise disciplines, presenting several personal interpretations. Addressed as a comprehensive entity, it explores curating in the form of print. It is a space for experimentation with printing techniques, with an emphasis on materiality, and striving to push the boundaries of the medium.
Editors-in-Chief & Creative Directors
Florine Bonaventure and Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
Pontus Alv, Tiziana Andreani, Emile BarretThomas Berthou, Florine Bonaventure, Antoine Boudin, Séverine Cadier, Guillaume Collignon, Marc Coulibaly, Diane du Chaxel, Raoul Cyriaque, Amandine David, Hugo Devèze, Babacar Mbaye Diop, Marie Douel, Jacques DubouxBeatrice Durandard, Stella Falcoz, Micael FilipeJérôme Foubert, Marie-Cécile Frieden, Alaric GarnierNicolas GentaMarco Nicolas Heinzen, Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard, Rafael Kouto, Andrea Kucera, Matthieu Lavanchy, Simon Ladoux, Philippe-Albert Lefebvre, Robert LongoKrzysztof Lukasik, Laurent Maestracci, Joëlle Magnin-Gonze, Alric Augustin Marchand, Jonas Marguet, Alan Marshall, David Masson, Jennifer McGlinchey, Lola Mercier, Monotone PressMusée de l’imprimerie Lyon, Jennifer Niederhauser, Natalia OprowskaLouise ParadisJames Pascale, Kientéga Pingdewinde Gérard, Terrazzo Project, Giulia Rossini, Marie-Luce Schaller, Carole Schaub, Annie Sibert, Cyrille Simonnet, François Sternberger, Laurence Stoffel and Eric Watier

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