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Of course: an interior constitutes a comfort zone. But when we zoom in closer on this interior, we can see how thighs are shifting on seats, how hands are caressing arms, how people snuggle up against the back of their chairs and how their feet curl around the legs. It is obvious: sitting is a physical pleasure: sitting is intimate. Could sitting even be driven by desire? And: what is the chair’s role in all of this?
Artist Margriet Craens and designer Lucas Maassen are not just intimate with each other. They also wondered to what extend chairs might get intimate, reflecting on the various chairs lucas Maassen had previously brought to life, letting them do yoga and having them sing or act in a comedy. Together they made a photo series of chairs that were involved with each other the way a person might get involved with their intimate partner (chair or person). Each chair (or person) has a particular character, which can sometimes lead to unsuspected combinations. Theatre-maker and actor Twan van Bragt, friend on a strictly amicable basis and a neutral party as such, has provided this intimacy with the necessary facts and fictions, which serve as captions to accompany the pictures.
During the Dutch Design Week 2015, the photos and captions will be exhibited at Onomatopee. They will also appear in a book, to be presented at the opening.

Concept by Lucas Maassen and  Margriet Craens Short erotic fiction by Twan van Bragt
Graphic design by Olivier Lebrun
Translation by Nanne op ’t Ende
Production by Freek Lomme
Publication is made possible thanks to our own money, the exhibition is supprted by the Mondriaan Fund and the Stimuleringsfund Creative Industries.

--- euro 15.00