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This special 104-page publication presents critical approaches to CTM 2016's New Geographies theme in essays and articles authored by music journalists, researchers, theorists, and participating artists.

The magazine incorporates and excavates the New Geographies theme through a multiplicity of approaches, from discussions of "exotism" to the pervasive habit of of describing music through localisations, and from portraits of individual artists and networks to inspection of music's "moral geographies". The collection also features of a handful of artworks that relate to the New Geographies theme.


New Geographies 
Introduction by Jan Rohlf

An interview with Martin Stokes by Thomas Burkhalter

Locating Music 
By Dahlia Borsche

On Native Aliens 
By Sandeep Bhagwati

Playing with the Dustbin of History
By Thomas Burkhalter

By Radwan Ghazi Moumneh

Aïsha Devi in conversation with Lendita Kashtanjeva and Guy Schwegler of Zweikommasieben Magazine

The Great Invention
Drawings by Tianzhuo Chen

Ritual, Noise and the Cut-up: The Art of Tara Transitory 
By Justyna Stasiowska

Power Through Networking: Reshaping the Underground Electronic and Experimental Music Scenes in East and Southeast Asia 
By C-drík Fermont

The First Sound of the Future 
By Mari Matsutoya

Akihiko Taniguchi — The Everyday Vortex
By Annie Gårlid

NAAFI — Ritmos Periféricos 
By Max Pearl

Music's Moral Geographies — African Drumming, Minimalism and DJ-Culture
By Sebastian Klotz

Jumping The Gap: The Distance Between Taonga Puoro and Experimental Music 
By Rob Thorne

Retro-futuristic Machine Music 
by gamut inc

The Importance Of Dancing Across Borders 
By Luke Turner