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Kari Cwynar and Amish Morrell
Editorial: Documentation 

Karin Cope, Anna Heywood Jones, and Ryan Josey
On Writing: Given Time: Notes on Dimensional Poetry 

Close Readings 7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. Winnipeg Art Gallery, May 9 – Aug. 31, 2014 & McMichael Canadian Art Collection, May 10 – Sept. 7, 2015

Anna Mikkola
Artefact: Relating To Things

Barbara Clausen
Looking back now. Or, a forgotten questionnaire on the historization and contemporaneity of performance art

Kari Cwynar
Authorship and the Reproduction of Language 

Jayne Wilkinson
Compressing and Reconstructing: James Bridle’s Digital Documents

Sophia Bartholomew
Writing Topography

Esmé Hogeveen
Talk, Edited by Linda Rosenkrantz 

Benjamin Hunter
Masking Is Always More Fun with A Friend

Angela Jerardi
Speculations (“The future is _____”), Edited by Triple Canopy

Godfre Leung
Surround Sounds

Yasmin Nurming-Por
Cities by the Rivers

Jeanne Randolph
A Putting Down of Roots: 40 Years of CV2

Denise Ryner
Sounding the Ultraviolet

Sabrina Tarasoff
rock and mirrors

Felicity Tayler
Hank Bull: Connexion

Alex Turgeon
Bruscky Invent's

James Bridle
Seamless Transitions

Lena Suksi
Liz Magor 

Simone Wharton
Echoing Wood

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