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In February 2016, the Slanted editors embarked on a two-week-trip to Portugal to take a close-up look at contemporary design work in the country. In front of the backdrop of wine, sun, beach, and sea, history-charged buildings, financial crisis, and unemployment, a new generation of designers grows up who defines the dramatic change of the country. 
Women with baskets full of fish are old postcard clichés from the past. The cosmopolitan Lisbon is one of the last Western European capitals awakening from its deep slumber. In this three million metropole an uprising age group resists stereotypes of battered monuments and picturesque paved alleys and looks nervously to the future with a steady attempt to catch up on lost time.
Other Portuguese cities pass through a similar renaissance. Slanted’s journey took them from Lisbon to Porto with a stop in Coimbra, visiting all in all 27 studios. Some people said that Lisbon was the woman while Porto was the man. The first one more smooth and emotional while the northern one is more kind of direct and rational. For both of them, old and new seem to clash with tradition and avant-garde.
Historic factories such as Viúva Lamego (tiles) and Viarco (pencils) proved that they were able to redefine themselves without losing their souls. Same goes for the new energetic generation of designers that grew up with the financial crisis and unemployment: time has come to redefine the dramatic change of their country, influencing all aspects of cultural life.
The issue is thematically complemented by illustrations, photography, interviews and essays. 
Visits and authors: Rui Abreu, Aka Corleone, And Atelier, Atelier d'alvesEmanuel BarbosaJosé Bártolo, Bolos Quentes, BürocratikTiago CasanovaJoana Correia, Studio Dobra, Júlio Dolbeth Illustration, Dino dos Santos (DSType Foundry), DROP,  João DrumondEpiforma, FBA., Luis Fernandes,  Charlotte Von Fritschen, José Guilherme Marques, Studio Andrew HowardKüng Design BureauAndré LetriaLara Luís | IllustrationIan LynamDermot Mac Cormack,João Machado, Lord MantrasteJoana Teles MonteiroMother VolcanoMusa WorkLab™,@ Inês NepomucenoNon-verbal ClubMárcia NovaisInês d'OreyOupas! designPedrita StudioR2 design, Mariana Rio, Violeta Santos-MouraAna Seixas - IllustrationSilvadesignersSonja SteppanChris Steurer, The Royal Studio, thisislove studioTOMBA LOBOSViarco PortugalRui Vitorino SantosFábrica de Cerâmica da Viúva LamegoWhite StudioWinterstudio, Aaron R WintersXesta Studio

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