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The overarching theme for Orlando Issue 01 is history, memory and the future. The contributions range from conversations between the feminist ‘waves’, reactivating memories and artistic legacies, or reconsidering ways of thinking about how the museum functions, and how marginalised history is preserved. The collision of temporalities and notions of trans-generational politics is particularly key to the issue’s collective notion of the future. By engaging with the instability of history; an archive; an artist’s trajectory, a passageway into the past can be laid out. Issue 01 is particularly focused on the role of art in the space of social change and political engagement. Images can motivate spectators from passivity into action. The narrative of art is part of the story of cultural change and development. There has been an exciting new move into disrupting history as something homogenous and reliable, and in doing so the potential to unlock regenerative new ways of thinking about the future has been sparked. Contributors have also questioned and considered how their own thoughts and memories are mediated. In an age of media saturation, the printed magazine has a new identity, shaping multifaceted narratives and forming new communities. By creating a network of discourse and connection, from writer to reader, editor to contributor, artist to critic, a cacophony of identities are brought together. There is a mythology surrounding memory, it is always shifting and mutating. However, by exposing these nuances, these gaps and absences, there is the opportunity for an energised relationship between communities; perhaps even a new body politic. This issue intends to test these ideas out.

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