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Good Kid roams the streets of Berlin, bearing witness to its many comings and goings. He reflects upon its long-time allure as a refuge for exiles and outliers – the godless, rational city. Presenting us with friends, acquaintances and scenes that exemplify its distinctive quality, Good Kid strives to capture the traces of a fading essence. Only then does he realise that his mission is a mirror, and any attempt to determine the identity of Berlin is inextricably linked with finding his own.
Nosheks Good Kid is a love letter of sorts to Drittels home base of Berlin – an ode to the city, to the friends who live here and to 35mm analogue photography: point and shoot. With over 100 black & white and colour images, this book paints an intimate – but radical – view of the Berlin zeitgeist and its architectural backdrop.

160 pages / 117 images
16 × 22 cm
Edition of 100
Signed and numbered

--- euro 38.00