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Dear Fellow Travelers
It hardly seems that five years have passed since we began our journey together. From the moment we wrapped up our first cover interview with David Lynch, added the final touches to our debut issue and excitedly leafed through copies at the printers, we’ve been committed to exploring travel in all its forms: to show how it permeates every aspect of identity, through the vision of contemporary cultural luminaries, photographic testimonies of wonder-inspiring regions of the world, and narrative snapshots of places, objects, and the secrets they hold. To celebrate the anniversary, we’ve taken our boldest steps to give form to our philosophy.

Issue 10 explores the histories and personalities of a special group of people who share their passion for their work and curiosity for culture: among them the giant, humble, and achingly charismatic actor Michael Shannon; the artist with an ethereal and immanent vision of the human being, Hayden Dunham; the glorious Alice Cohen, a musician who always creates with her listener in mind; and not least Kurt Vile, a poet who makes spells out of words and music.

Finally, for the first time, we have two legends of the art and fashion worlds as our cover story. Jeremy Scott posed for us in what must be one of the most outrageous ever still-life couch shots, and discussed his inspirations, creativity, and travel preferences. Our second cover star is the infallible Richard Prince who invited us into his studio, where Juergen Teller captured him in a series of very personal portraits, before traveling all the way to Beirut to view Prince’s latest work, displayed in selected high-fashion stores in the city. And last but not least, Mr. Teller is responsible for the debut edition of our new series of art booklets called The Travel Diary. “Last Chance To Try” is a peephole look into the curious traditions of Polish wedding ceremonies and birthday celebrations.

We want to thank you for being our travel companions through the years, and hope you’ll enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it. We look forward to raising a glass with you during some of the upcoming Travel Almanac festivities.

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