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Avant-garde and ironic, Dull is aimed at those in the know who are looking for a good time while rediscovering fashion. It showcases portraits of young designers, figures who are helping to change the face of fashion, and big names who have succeeded in transforming society by presenting new styles, positions and movements. Dull is a French fashion magazine focusing on the new talents taking part in the current fashion revolution. The world of luxury is changing. And Dull is hot on their heels.
In a market where reviews boast increasingly perfect photo series from issue to issue, but where in-depth, investigative pieces are becoming scarce, Dull is looking to keep the magazine style while reporting on the latest trends. It will not be a polished, timeless fashion review, but a magazine. Its substance will always be its articles and information.
Dull is positioned as a luxury printed object, with cutting-edge graphic design and an original holographic transparent plastic cover.

- euro 13.00