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Printing makes graphic design born physically. This "Printing" issue reviews contemporary printing culture from the viewpoint of graphic design. We visited four noteworthy printers in The Netherlands each of whom represent the current culture in printing. We also visited the studio of Karel Martens (Dutch graphic designer) who is well known for having fully-embraced printing into his design process. Graphic designers such as Harmen Liemburg, Hans Gremmen, The Uses of Literacy were invited to show their own "Printing Work".

This issue is a “Printing Journal”, presented as a magazine within a magazine. It is the theme of this issue of GRAPHIC as well as an independent magazine on it’s own. Hopefully, it appears as a separate structure of consistent information and conceptual editing.
Unlike a “pure” printing journal from the printing industry, what we describe here is the relationship between the graphic designer, the printer, and the printed matter. It is also an investigation of the similarities and differences in the viewpoints and attitudes towards printing, and to imagine new ways of collaboration.
This issue is a prototype of Printing Journal . We explored the map of contemporary printing culture and how printing actually operates by visiting printers and seeing their work in person, by interviewing an eminent graphic designer and asking how his previous work relates to printing, by having a designer’s talk to present their varying interests in the printing culture, and by inviting a few designers to fill their own pages with print work. Ultimately, we are trying to provide a bridge between the printer and designer with hope that this new understanding and knowledge would influence their own work.
As we say all the time, this issue was made possible by the willing participation of the contributors. We want to thank the printers and designers who readily accepted the interview and the talk, and who reconstructed their own work archive especially for this issue. We also thank the printers who contributed their advertisement-like introductions. You can look forward to the next issue of Printing Journal as well. Welcome to the printing house.

Anu Vahtra
Calff & Meischke Drukkerij
Extrapool (Knust)
Veenman Drukkers
Wyber Zeefdruk
Hans Gremmen
Harmen Liemburg
The Uses of Literacy
Karel Martens
Kees Maas
Richard Niessen