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the third issue of ruiné examines how architecture and the new digitality reflect and correspond to the self-alienation of man. on 104 full color pages, the ruinéboys along with many contributing artists like beni bischof and bea fremderman show their view on our environment and the digital future of humanity.
contributors: beni bischof, bea fremderman, geoffrey pugen, anna neroslavsky, hana frisonsova, thomas müller, ferdinand weiss, patrick molnar, andreas dauerer, florian stucki, dominik müller, daniela völlger, ruinéboys...

ruiné 03 - architecture self-alienation new digitality
editors/publishers: neven allgeier, benedikt fischer
released in december 2011
language: english / german
format: din a4
104 pages
printed offset full-color on "lessebo design natural" paper.
limited and numbered - 500 copies