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ThreeSix (U:D/R 03) is third in a series of research papers devoted to graphic design and visual culture. Designed and written by Hamish Muir and Paul McNeil – with an introduction by Wim Crouwel – this new paper reveals the aesthetic and ideological thinking behind the new typeface ThreeSix.

ThreeSix is a system of six optical/geometric typefaces in eight weights. It explores the possibilities of using parametric principles to design geometric fonts which are distinctive at large point sizes but which can also be read at smaller sizes in bodies of extended text.

ThreeSix is a development of work started in 1994, when, as part of an invited submission to the American Center of Design Journal, 8vo designed ‘Interact’, a system of four grid-based lowercase screen fonts which follow a logical progression relating pixel resolution to typesize in fixed increments.

As Wim Crouwel notes: “Fascination is the key word that comes to mind when I study ThreeSix. It is a fascination for the use of geometric systems in design that has resulted in these remarkable typefaces.”

The designers:

Hamish Muir was a founding principal of 8vo (1985–2001) and co-editor of Octavo (1986–1992). He currently combines work as an independent graphic design consultant specializing in editorial, information and systems design with teaching part-time at the London College of Communication. He is a member AGI.

Paul McNeil is a London-based independent graphic design consultant specializing in type, information and systems design. He is a Senior Lecturer in Postgraduate Graphic Design at the London College of Communication and lead developer, MA Contemporary Typographic Media. He is a member ISTD.

For more information about MuirMcNeil and to purchase copies of ThreeSix font, go to: www.muirmcneil.com


folded to 290 x 190mm
24 pages
Newsprint with card wrapper
Published November 2010
Editors Hamish Muir & Paul McNeil
Design MuirMcNeil