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every designer has a favorite type face. More than a vehicle to transport words onto a page, a typeface can express taste, style, opinion, and attitude. The typeface a designer uses — and how he has manipulated it — reveals the personality and aesthetic of the designer himself. Using a selection of high-quality graphic design work for books, promotional materials, signage and more, each book in the “I Love Type” series highlights a single typeface and its prevalence in the design community. This narrow focus lends itself to an in-depth study of each typeface — how the same font can be altered to create different moods and generate an entirely original effect.
One of the most used sans serif typefaces, Futura is synonymous with efficiency and modernity, with its clean, even strokes, geometric shapes and lack of decorative flourishes.
Created in the 1920s, it shows the influence of German Bauhaus, and has inspired an army of geometric typefaces in the years since its inception. Futura’s iconic status and simplicity have inspired the designers in this text to push for innovation.