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PULLED: A Catalog of Screen Printing offers scores of beautiful, funny, novel and otherwise alluring typographical, illustrative, decorative and comedic silk-screen prints, produced by more than 40 illustrators and designers, whose styles and processes are as broad as this book is thick." --The New York Times Book Review, June 8, 2011
"Illustrator Mike Perry has long been a favorite at Dwell. In his new book, Perry opens the page to other screen artists in this survey of more than 40 contemporary screen printers." -- Dwell.com, May 4, 2011
"Like his previous books, Pulled represents not just the potential of a specific technique, but the voices and skills of a young, global art and design culture, which is embracing the page as much as it is the computer screen, producing work that feels fresh and characterful in a field largely dominated by digital expertise." --NYLON Guys, July, 2011
"Pulled is handled with particular charm and has an ace host of artists and illustrators who, as the new generation of screen printers, says more about the process and the potential for manipulation by an artist in a work by work context." -- Itsnicethat.com, April 29, 2011
"Should go on your must-have book list... Pulled is an exhaustive reference for awe-inspiring registration (or not), happy accidents, texture, and color." -- Mintdesignblog.com, April 29, 2011
Product Description
Popularized in the 1960s by Pop artists such as Andy Warhol, screen printing remains a favorite of artists due to its remarkable versatility and relatively low cost. In Pulled, best-selling author Mike Perry (Hand Job, Over and Over) collects the work of more than forty of today's most talented designers who are, in their own way, pushing the boundaries of this dynamic medium.